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About Us

At Humble Warrior, we believe in the power of people.

We believe all of us can help ease the stress, fear, anxiety, and anger that cloud our every-day lives through the simple act of compassionate listening. We believe that whether you have a Master’s degree in counseling or 20 years of experience as a mother or friend, you have the power to validate someone’s experience, help them move through it, and emerge stronger and lighter than ever before. We believe any one can be a Warrior. We believe all of us are responsible for fighting for one another’s well-being.

Humble Warrior Founder Jess Stonefield

Jess Stonefield is a writer by day – and a spiritual mental health Warrior always. She became passionate about mental health issues following her own 12-year struggle with anorexia, as well as life-long battles with depression and social anxiety. Now a mother of two sons, she feels even more strongly about shining a light on the global need for mental health support and reform. She launched Humble Warrior to make that support easier to find – and afford. She will continue to fight for free access to mental health services for anyone who needs it.